Favicon API

Plugin or CMS developer? Integrate RealFaviconGenerator to your workflow. The API comes in two flavors: the interactive and the non-interactive API.

Interactive API

This API requires the end user to be in front of her screen. This is the API for the "CMS integration" scenario. For example, take the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator for WordPress plugin:

Step 1: In the WP dashboard, the blog admin starts a favicon creation Step 2: The admin is redirected to RealFaviconGenerator Step 3: The admin is redirected to her WP dashboard and the favicon is installed by the plugin

To give it a try, checkout this online demo. When you are done, you can clone the demo project and get a taste of the API.

Read the interactive API documentation.

Non-interactive API

This API does not require any human action. It is designed to be used in automated scenarios. Basically, you send a POST request to RealFaviconGenerator and you receive the generated favicon a second later.

For example, the RealFaviconGenerator Node.js plugin makes use of this API. It is used by the RealFaviconGenerator Grunt plugin.

Read the non-interactive API documentation.

Register your key

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