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RealFaviconGenerator brings the best Facebook meta editor to Yoast SEO

You know Yoast. This is one of the first plugins you installed in your WordPress blog. This module comes with a stunning set of options to make your site SEO-friendly.

Yoast gives your the ability to setup the way your posts will look like once shared via Facebook.

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In its free version, Yoast SEO offer a simple form where you can type the post title and description, and submit an image. It is basic but straightforward.

Yoast (Free) - Facebook editor

In its Premium version, Yoast let you see in real time how your post will look like in the Facebook newsfeed. Until a few months ago, that was the best solution in the market.

Social by RealFaviconGenerator replaces Yoast’s Social editor.

RealFaviconGenerator integrated into Yoast SEO

What does it add?

  • Preview for desktop, Android and iPhone – Your post will likely appear on Facebook native mobile apps, so better know how your post will be displayed on these platforms.
  • Pixel precise preview – The editor is using the same fonts and styles as Facebook clients. It also replicates their policy regarding title/description cropping. So you know what your visitors friends will see (or not).
  • Edit the image – You can zoom in/out and move the image. So you are in control of the post appearance.
  • Choose between the various formats – Did you know Facebook can display you posts with a square image? A tall image?

Now Yoast and Social by RealFaviconGenerator form the perfect duo for SEO and social optimization for WordPress.

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