Now set the bookmark default name

Whatever the browser, when bookmarking a page, its default title is the title of the page itself. This default value perfectly makes sense. However, iOS and Windows 8 let you set an “application name”. Well, technically speaking, nothing differentiates a web app from a web site, but the idea here is to make your web app sound like a native app (RealFaviconGenerator will only help you scratch the surface here).

Sample WIndows 8 Tile

Two RFG WordPress plugin users suggested to set this app name directly from RealFaviconGenerator. This feature perfectly made sense so here it is! Thank you both for your contribution.

App name option

What about Android? There is no such option in Android Chrome, the title markup is the reference.

That was issue #49.

Check your favicon from your WordPress admin interface

Wanna check your favicon? Don’t leave the comfort of your WordPress administration interface anymore. You can now trigger the RealFaviconGenerator’s favicon checker right from Appearance > Favicon.

Invoke the favicon checker from the WordPress administration interface

Install the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin to take advantage of RealFaviconGenerator in your WordPress blog.

Apple touch icon turns black

You’ve just generated a cool Apple Touch icon for your latest web project. Everything is ready and you decide to give it a try by adding the homepage to the home screen of your iPhone. The result is okay but… you can’t remember all that black in the original icon.

Apple Touch Icon turns black
Apple Touch Icon turns black

The reason: iOS forbids transparent icons. And it must have listened for the Rolling Stones hit for too long because it fills the gaps with black.

Bottom line: do not use transparency in your Apple Touch icon. RealFaviconGenerator helps you do just this.