Favicon Editor for Desktop Browsers

Here it is. The long awaited favicon editor for desktop browsers is available.

While RealFaviconGenerator has been offering editors for iOS and Android from day 1, our beloved desktop browsers have been strangely neglected. This dark age is over and desktop icons are now treated as first class citizens.

But what is it useful for?

It’s about contrast

Desktop icons are so small. Once your website logo is ready, is there anything left to edit?

Why would you change anything?

Sometimes, the answer is yes. Definitely. And the editor does you a first favor by letting you know. Consider this perfectly fine light grey logo:

Light grey is good

Did you realize the logo would be barely noticeable in browser tabs? Now you do:

The desktop editor would only be a previewer if it would stop here. With a few clicks, you can add a solid background and get the job done in seconds:

Logo visible again

I hope you will enjoy the favicon editor for desktop browsers. Please tell me what you think!

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Philippe Bernard

I'm a web developer and the author of RealFaviconGenerator. I created this site because I felt frustrated when I tried to generate the favicon of my previous web project.

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