RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin is available!

There is now a WordPress plugin for RealFaviconGenerator! No more tedious HTML, you can now create and setup your favicon in a matter of seconds.

The plugin in a nutshell:

  • Go to Settings >¬†Favicon.
    WordPress plugin settings screen
  • Select the master picture from your Media Library.
    Select a master picture
  • You are redirected to RealFaviconGenerator. Customize your favicon with the classic favicon editor.
    Edit your favicon
  • You are redirected to the WordPress dashboard again. Your favicon is installed automatically.
    Favicon installed, mission completed!

How hard was that? ūüôā

The WordPress plugin is the first client of the RealFaviconGenerator API. It paves the way for the future of RealFaviconGenerator: an integrated tool you can plug in your existing workflow. Favicon is a small part of your web project, but it deserves to be done well, just like coding, testing, deployment…

As a first release, this plugin lacks some features and should be improved here and there. If you see something missing, please drop a comment!

Favicon compression preview

Since a few months, RealFaviconGenerator can compress your favicon pictures for reduced bandwidth consumption. However, this option lacked three features:

  • You don’t know in advance the compression rate you will likely get.
  • You don’t know in advance if the quality loss will be acceptable.
  • It is a yes/no setting, you cannot choose the compression level.

This dark age is over with the new compression preview. The favicon editor now presents your master picture compressed with different quality settings.

Compression preview

If the differences between the original picture and the compress one are hard to spot, you can easily compare them with the zoom.

Compression preview zoom

For now, the “expected compression rate” is not that accurate. I expect to improve it in a few month when enough favicons will have been compressed to establish reliable stats.