Favicon compression preview

Since a few months, RealFaviconGenerator can compress your favicon pictures for reduced bandwidth consumption. However, this option lacked three features:

  • You don’t know in advance the compression rate you will likely get.
  • You don’t know in advance if the quality loss will be acceptable.
  • It is a yes/no setting, you cannot choose the compression level.

This dark age is over with the new compression preview. The favicon editor now presents your master picture compressed with different quality settings.

Compression preview

If the differences between the original picture and the compress one are hard to spot, you can easily compare them with the zoom.

Compression preview zoom

For now, the “expected compression rate” is not that accurate. I expect to improve it in a few month when enough favicons will have been compressed to establish reliable stats.

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Philippe Bernard

I'm a web developer and the author of RealFaviconGenerator. I created this site because I felt frustrated when I tried to generate the favicon of my previous web project.

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