Favicon update notification for WordPress plugin

With the help of RealFaviconGenerator’s WordPress plugin, your WordPress blog has a shiny favicon, compatible with all platforms. Congratulations! But will this still be true in a week? A month? A year? Fear no more. The plugin now automatically checks for updates and let you know whenever a new version of the generated pictures and code is available.

WordPress plugin favicon update notification

Ok but does the update worth it? Follow the white rabbit and find out.

Favicon update change log

What will be the next release of RealFaviconGenerator? Safari for OS X Yosemite maybe? Stay tuned!

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Philippe Bernard

I'm a web developer and the author of RealFaviconGenerator. I created this site because I felt frustrated when I tried to generate the favicon of my previous web project.

5 thoughts on “Favicon update notification for WordPress plugin”

  1. Can you give us an option to disable these reminders please, because its frustrating to some of us.

    I prefer all my plugin update reminders to stay all together in the plugin list.

    The dismiss doesnt work at present either, it just logs me out of the admin instead. That goes for the 30+ sites I manage with multiple themes.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your feedback!

      I didn’t realize these notifications could be so annoying. I entered an issue for this (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/option-to-disable-rfg-update-notifications) and I’ll made sure to implement this before the next update. So next time you see such notification, you will be able to dismiss it once for all.

      Note that these notifications are not “plugin update”, which is why they do not appear in the plugin list as usual. They rather ask you to generate your favicon again. For example, yesterday’s notice was about the new iPhone 6 Plus icon.

    2. Hi Gary,

      I just wanted to let you know that the notifications can now be disabled once for all. This is part of the plugin v1.2.3, released a minute ago.

      Next time you see such notification, just click “Do not warn me again in case of update”. Or you can go to Settings > Favicon and uncheck the option right now.

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