RFG needs your feedback (2/2)

A few days ago RFG started to collect user’s feedback in three areas.

170 visitors filled one of the forms. THANK YOU!!


The first question was about the platforms you would like RFG to support. The winner is… the Open Graph image, used by Facebook when you share a page.


Beyond the raw results, the social networks are the undisputed winners. Most votes for Coast and Yandex were from people who voted for everything. Whereas many feedbacks were only for OG and Twitter, or OG alone.


Three options were proposed:

  • Small pictures: RFG resizes pictures as needed to generate the icons. Regarding small icons (16×16 and 32×32), it is sometimes better to edit them manually, or to draw them pixel-by-pixel. RFG would allow you to upload your very own custom 16×16 and/or 32×32 icon(s).
  • Smaller package: RFG generates 20-something icons and about 15 lines of HTML. Many people don’t want to clutter their HTML with so much code. RFG could create much less with very few side effects.
  • Embedded instructions: The instructions to setup your favicon (and the HTML) are given by RFG web site. The Zip file itself contains only the images and related files. In other words, the package is not standalone: if you leave RFG too soon, you end up with a useless archive. The package could contain a text file to remind the instructions.


Embedded instructions is the most wanted option. I thought most people would want a smaller package, while I considered the embedded instructions as a nice-to-have. I was wrong, and that’s the point of asking for opinions.

Tools and framework

This is my favorite part. There were less votes here, only 17. I was not surprised: the form was in the result page, where the user is presented the material he came for: the package and HTML code. Most people probably didn’t want to hear about anything else. But I could feel the interest is real. Unlike the platform and options forms, where several users selected everything, all votes here were for one tool or framework. So I could really hear a visitor asking for his favorite solution.

Tools and platforms

The winner is Grunt, by a short advance. Gulp and Ruby on Rails were nearly as popular. Symfony got no vote, but that’s okay. The test was run for only 3 days (1st day was a Sunday) and the question was asked to people who didn’t come for this.

Thank you again for all this feedback!!

Alright, time to get back to work!

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